1. The final CONNPiX: Commencement 2013 at Connecticut College


  2. My last day at Connecticut College as a student

    (Flashback: Freshman Year)

    The final CONNPiX image will be tomorrow, but thank you all for following along.


  3. Flashback: Commencement 2011


  4. Flashback: Commencement 2012


  5. Bonus: Floralia in 60 Seconds


  6. Lilypad


  7. A sign…


  8. Flashback: Camelympics, 2010, one of my favorite and most spirited images


  9. My room, the fire hazard


  10. Flashback: November 2010, Day-long drawing marathon


  11. A late-night contemporary dance performance in a most unique setting


  12. Yesterday was the final class I’ll have at Conn


  13. The most stunning campus


  14. A scene from Grant Jacoby’s senior capstone project, an original work titledĀ Surrender, Ohio, this Thursday and Friday at 7:30pm in Tansill Theater


  15. Sunset at Captain Scott’s